Demonstration Garden

Monday, April 26, 2010

It's Time for Tomatoes!

We had good intentions this year. We were going to start FEWER varieties of tomatoes. Well, you know what they say about good intentions... A few of the 35+ varieties are available for you this week. Here you can see part of the collection in our greenhouse.

  • Tomatoes can be planted out when night time temperatures are in the high 40s and we are there most of the time now. However, the daytime temperatures are still cool for these heat lovers. So you can plant them outside, but they will sit until it starts to warm up into the high 60s during the day.
  • When planting, drop tomatoes down deep into the soil. Unlike most plants, the fine hairs on the stems will turn into new roots. (They truly are weeds.)
  • Our tomatoes already have flowers set and are in 5-1/2" square containers. They are $4.69 each.
  • We have selected varieties that do well in our cool climate.
Varieties available this week: 'Sungold,' 'Silver Fir Tree,' 'Siberian,' 'Japanese Black Trifele,' 'San Marzano,' 'Shady Lady,' 'Oregon Spring,' 'Legend,' 'Fox,' and 'Stupice.' If there is a particular variety you are looking for, ask us, we might have it.

Sale Plants of the Week
All indoor plants are 30% off. We have a smart collection of easy care plants for indoors. This includes many succulents that require only a sunny window and infrequent watering.


  1. So excited to see your tomatoes are ready for me to buy! I'll be there......

  2. Sungold Cherry Tomatoes taste like liquid candy on a hot day.. Thanks for growing some for those of us with a sweet tooth..